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Employers who use contract service providers or independent contractors are now at increased risk of being sued. The U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) recently issued an interpretive bulletin aimed at curbing employers’ misclassification of individuals as independent contractors. The USDOL says most independent contractors should be legally classified as employees. An employee misclassified as an independent contractor can sue the employer for minimum wage violations, overtime pay and other benefits. The employer may also owe retroactive contributions for worker’s compensation … Continue reading

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Update on Seattle’s Minimum Wage Ordinance

The Seattle Office for Civil Rights recently released its proposed rules for Seattle’s $15 per hour minimum wage ordinance.  These administrative rules attempt to clarify initial issues raised with the ordinance, such as when employees must be paid the City’s minimum wage when working in Seattle on an “occasional basis,” which employees are exempt from the City’s minimum wage, and when “service charges” for hospitality employees are considered part of the employee’s wage. The City Office for Civil Rights is … Continue reading

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Washington Employers: Beware of Meal and Rest Period Claims

One of the more troubling types of employment claims an Employer can face is a claim by employees that they did not receive their meal periods or rest periods. Meal and rest period claims are often added to other employee complaints and lawsuits, such as complaints involving discrimination, retaliation, and whistleblower claims. This is because attorneys for employees are well aware of the inherent proof problems that Employers face with meal and rest period litigation.  As a result, meal and … Continue reading

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