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New Year, New Paid Sick Leave Law

Washington’s new paid sick leave law goes into effect on January 1, 2018.  The new law contains many changes to existing law, including paid sick leave at a minimum of one hour per every forty hours worked, required carryover of up to forty hours of sick leave, and paid sick leave for part-time and seasonal workers. Employers should be prepared to implement any required changes to their employment policies to comply with the January 1 deadline. In addition to the text of the paid sick leave … Continue reading

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Update on Seattle’s Minimum Wage Ordinance

The Seattle Office for Civil Rights recently released its proposed rules for Seattle’s $15 per hour minimum wage ordinance.  These administrative rules attempt to clarify initial issues raised with the ordinance, such as when employees must be paid the City’s minimum wage when working in Seattle on an “occasional basis,” which employees are exempt from the City’s minimum wage, and when “service charges” for hospitality employees are considered part of the employee’s wage. The City Office for Civil Rights is … Continue reading

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Seattle’s New $15 Minimum Wage

Seattle made national news by becoming the first major city in the United States to pass a $15 minimum wage law.  The law eventually increases the minimum wage in the City of Seattle to $15 per hour.  The ordinance can be found at: The City of Seattle law applies to all employers who have at least one employee who works within the city limits for two hours or more during a two-week period.  How quickly an Employer is required … Continue reading

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