Governor Inslee’s Orders

(as of November 15, 2020)

The November 15 “Stay Safe-Stay Healthy” Order, Proclamation 20-25.8, is a four-week set of new statewide restrictions (subject to a possible extension) intended to curb further spread of COVID-19.  The restrictions set forth in this Order supplement the already-existing restrictions seen here, here, and here.

Governor Inslee also released a document titled COVID-19 Guidance on November 15, which sets forth the various new restrictions that have been put in place as a result of this Order.  Some of the new restrictions include:

  • Ban on all indoor social gatherings with people from outside your household, unless all participants have (a) quarantined for fourteen days (14) prior to the social gathering; or (b) quarantined for seven (7) days prior to the social gathering and received a negative COVID19 test result no more than 48-hours prior to the gathering.
  • Ban on all outdoor social gatherings exceeding five (5) people from outside your household.
  • Restaurants and Bars are closed for indoor dine-in service.
  • In-store retail is limited to 25 percent of indoor occupancy limits.

Review the COVID-19 Guidance for a full list of the new restrictions.

(as of May 1, 2020)

On April 24, 2020, Governor Inslee announced his plan to allow “low-risk”  construction projects to proceed here. This “Phase 1 Construction Restart” memorandum allows “authorized construction” to proceed.  “Authorized construction” includes (1) construction previously authorized  under Proclamation 20-25 and Gov. Inslee’s March 25, 2020, memo on construction, and (2) construction activity that is needed to fulfill an obligation under a contract effective prior to March 23, 2020, or authorized by a government-issued permit obtained prior to March 23, 2020.  The memorandum allows “authorized construction” to proceed as long as specific requirements are met, including following safety requirements that include social distancing and proper personal protective equipment.  The safety requirements are outlined here.

(as of April 21, 2020)

On April 13, 2020, Governor Inslee issued Proclamation 20-46   related to his “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” Order.  This Proclamation imposes new obligations on employers related to “high risk” employees.  “High risk” employees include those aged 65 years and older and individuals of all ages with certain underlying conditions.  New obligations for employers include, using “all available options for alternative work assignments,”  allowing the employee to utilize all accrued leave and unemployment benefits in any sequence, and after the employee’s leave is exhausted, maintaining the employee’s health insurance until the employee is deemed eligible to work.  The Proclamation includes anti-discrimination and anti-retaliation provisions as well.

(as of April 1, 2020)

On March 30, 2020, Governor Inslee issued an updated guidance bulletin related to essential services under his “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” Order, including specified nanny-services, automotive repair facilities, and automotive sales and leasing activities, and renewable energies.

(as of March 26, 2020)

Last evening, Governor Inslee issued further guidance to construction employers regarding his “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” Order.


(as of March 24, 2020)

On March 23, 2020, Governor Inslee announced a “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” Order.  The Order can be found here.

In short, the Order requires all Washingtonians to stay at home, except for people:

  • Pursuing an essential activity, such as grocery shopping, medical appointments, etc.;
  • Going to work at an essential business;
  • Getting takeout food (food deliveries are permitted);
  • Going outside for walks and exercise, so long social distancing of six feet is maintained

Essential businesses are listed here.  It is very fact specific as to whether certain industries / businesses are covered.  If a business believes that it is essential, or if it is an entity providing essential services or functions, they will be able to request designation as an essential business by emailing:

(as of March 20, 2020)

Governor announces two-week closure of all restaurants, bars and entertainment and recreational facilities (through March 31, 2020)

On March 16, 2020, Governor Inslee issued an emergency proclamation mandating a two-week closure of all restaurants, bars, and entertainment and recreational facilities.  This proclamation also expanded additional limits on large gatherings.  The new order is in effect through March 31, 2020.

We have received a number of questions as to what constitutes a gathering.  Here is a chart from the Governor’s office.

This two-week ban applies to any food or beverage services, regardless of location, that provides or allows on-site consumption.  Take out, delivery and drive-thru food and beverage services are not banned under this proclamation.

The ban does not apply to grocery stores and pharmacies.

(For a listing of all of Governor Inslee’s proclamations related to COVID-19 and otherwise go here.)

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