NLRB Issues Final Rule on Union Ambush Elections

The National Labor Relations Board (3-2) issued its final rule regarding representation elections on December 12, 2014.  The final rule takes effect April 14, 2015.  Among other changes, the final rule requires employers to provide a list of eligible voters to the NLRB and the union within two days following the direction of an election.  This list must include not only employees’ names and home addresses, but also their personal phone numbers and email addresses (if available).

The new rule is expected to expedite union election proceedings, which limits the amount of time employers have to educate employees about the pros and cons of unionizing.  The Board’s new rule is expected to aid union campaign activity by providing them with expanded employee contact information early in the process.  It is, therefore, crucial for employers facing union organizing activity to develop their campaign strategy early on in the process.  For more information on how the new election rule may impact your workplace, please contact us for further advice.

Selena Smith represents employers on a full range of labor and employment issues, including NLRB elections.  For more information contact Selena at, or (206) 447-0182.

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