Proposed Changes to Seattle’s Paid Sick and Safe Time and Secure Scheduling Include Eliminating Union Waiver

Last week, the Seattle Office of Labor Standards announced proposed changes to Seattle Paid Sick and Safe Time and Secure Scheduling.  These changes intend to incorporate the more generous provisions from Initiative 1433, the Washington Paid Sick Leave law, into Seattle’s laws.  A couple of notable proposed changes to Seattle’s law include shortening the waiting period for employee eligibility to use paid sick time from 180 to 90 calendar days following the commencement of employment.  Additionally, whereas a waiver is currently available for employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement under the Seattle law, the amendments would make a waiver available only through the end of 2018 for Seattle Sick and Safe Time requirements that are more generous than statewide paid sick leave.  Thereafter, no collective bargaining agreement waiver of any Seattle Sick and Safe Time requirements would be permitted.

The Office of Labor Standards has indicated that these changes will be voted on in December.  If passed, the proposed changes will take effect in January 2018, when the state paid sick law also goes into effect.  For more information on these changes or for help keeping your employee policies in compliance with changing city and state law, please contact Selena Smith at

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