Davis Grimm Payne & Marra has provided assertive, ethical and creative solutions to labor issues since 1985.

Union Experience

How we help

Organized labor presents unique and difficult challenges in the workplace. Since Davis Grimm Payne & Marra was founded, our clients have trusted us with their high-stakes collective bargaining. We are dedicated to aggressively advocating on behalf of management in their relationship with organized labor.
Industry Experience
Collective Bargaining:

We have negotiated hundreds (if not thousands) of labor agreements with nearly all of the unions in the Pacific Northwest. We are experienced in both traditional and interest-based bargaining, whether we are the chief negotiators at the bargaining table or helping behind-the-scenes.

Labor Disputes:

Employers involved in collective bargaining must prepare for a potential labor dispute. We have extensive experience representing employers in strikes, picketing, boycotts, and other labor disputes. During pre-bargaining, we assist our clients in creating a plan to be prepared for any union tactics.

Union Organizing:

When a union attempts to organize a workforce, there is a lot at stake. We provide advice and advocacy to our clients in preparing for and responding to union organizing campaigns.

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