About Us

From its early years to the present, Davis Grimm Payne & Marra has helped businesses not only survive, but thrive, when facing labor issues. Our style combines assertiveness with ethical representation and advocacy. Whether that involves union organizing, collective bargaining, labor arbitrations, handling issues before the NLRB, as well as simply avoiding unionization, our attorneys use this style to find creative solutions to assist our clients. Our attorneys are well-versed in traditional labor law issues and experienced in providing workable strategies for all types of union issues.

As the world of employment law emerged, Joe, Bill, John and Joe expanded their focus to encompass employment law, as well. Davis Grimm Payne & Marra continues to excel at helping clients navigate and litigate the various employment laws that they face, providing assistance, advice and advocacy on an assortment of employment laws. This includes federal, state and local (Seattle, Tacoma, Portland) laws involving discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, disability claims, wage and hour, meal and rest period allegations, class actions, family medical leave or other leave issues, as well as COVID-19. We have represented our clients in state and federal courts and agencies throughout the U.S. West Coast.

At Davis Grimm Payne & Marra, we combine our unique labor and employment law expertise with assertive and practical strategic advice. We believe in advocating for our clients to guide them through labor and employment law matters, while tailoring our approach to achieve our client’s goals.

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